Contract R & D services

Formulation Development

Once the general specifications and cost range are determined, one needs to formulate compounds which meet those specifications. Developing formulation is a multi step process. Based on desired characteristics, we determine type of resins and additives via our own experience or by discussing needs with material suppliers. Formulation development starts with statistical designed screening experiments to determine the type of resins and additives, and their amounts. The small scale compounds are first prepared using lab scale mixing equipments and samples are molded and application specific properties are measured as per ASTM. Once the type and amount of  resins and additives are identified, a second series of experiments are conducted to further narrow formulations for processability. Not all formulations which exhibits desired property levels are processable.   After the second series of experiments, a few compositions with right properties levels and processability are selected to determine, which have the best long term durability.

Finally an optimizations study is conducted to find a robust formulation which can be processed easily, durably, and cost effectively.

Over the years we have helped customers in developing formulations and process guidelines for a wide range of products including Thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), thermoplastic olefins (TPOs), thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics (GRTP), nano composites(NC), conductive compounds, controlled rheology compounds (CR), products based on recycled materials, products based on recycled and functionalized ground rubber, products with high barrier to oxygen and water, flame retarded thermoplastics, corrosion resistant thermoplastics, wear and abrasion resistant plastics, wear resistance coatings for food processing equipments, blends and compatibilized alloys, materials suitable for making low density foam, fog resistant compounds for automotive interior.

Process Development

Many times, one needs to determine how best to mix or shape a given formulation. Plastic products are made of compounds which include a wide variety of components with different physical natures  and varying tolerances to heat and shear.  Uniform spatial distribution of key ingredients and dispersion of major components without degrading or otherwise imparting unwanted characteristic (color, odor) is key. Mixing methods play a big role. We provide mixing process development services.

Product Development

Product development is a collaborative effort. It encompasses understanding the application scope, developing design criteria with the customer, selection from the available materials or formulation of one specific to meet the specified application requirements, helping to develop tool or conversion process to prototype by collaborating with other vendors, testing parts using standard or non-standard methods, and modifying until the product with desired final performance is achieved.


We also provide consulting services which includes mainly:

  • Solving product formulation or process related problems using information provided by the client
  • Designing a pathway to solve long term and recurring problems by suggesting equipment modifications, process modifications, alternate materials or suppliers
  • Suggestions to improve or modify the current product for competitive advantage
  • Raw material, equipments or outside service provider sourcing
  • Go- No go decision making at the conceptual stage or pre-launch stage
  • Ideation or conceptualizing
  • Market or competitive analysis
  • Prior art search or identifying intellectual property space and scope
  • Technical representation via trade show preparation, presentations
  • Filed or on-call Technical service
  • Small scale sampling and Distribution of new products

Expert Witness Service

We provide expert witness services in the area of plastic part failure.