Consulting Services

We also provide consulting services which includes mainly:

  • Solving product formulation or process related problems using information provided by the client
  • Designing a pathway to solve long term and recurring problems by suggesting equipment modifications, process modifications, alternate materials or suppliers
  • Suggestions to improve or modify the current product for competitive advantage
  • Raw material, equipment, or outside service provider sourcing
  • Go- No go decision making at the conceptual stage or pre-launch stage
  • Ideation or conceptualizing
  • Market or competitive analysis
  • Prior art search or identifying intellectual property space and scope
  • Technical representation via trade show preparation, presentations
  • Field or on-call technical service.
  • Small scale sampling and distribution of new products

IP Support

  • Patentability analysis
  • Support with preparing examples

Expert Witness service

We provide expert witness services in the area of plastic part failure.