Delaminating of PVC skin from ABS substrate upon vacuum forming

Background: PVC skin was bonded to ABS via foam backed adhesive film. Upon vacuum forming, PVC skin delaminated.


  • FTIR – FTIR of ABS and PVC resins were compared with those used in extruded bad parts and good parts. No major difference was found.
  • ATR test was performed on ABS in contact with foamed backing for both the good and bad part.
  • The immediate interface between ABS and adhesive surface (tested on adhesive film outside) for the good part shows much lower peak intensity at 966 and 1227 1/cm compared to failed part.
  • The peak at 966 1/cm corresponds to butadiene phase through which adhesion occurs.
  • Inadequate heat and time did not allow butadiene in ABS to bond with PVC.

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