Why to retain Transmit Technology Group, LLC?

Plastics Testing, Polymer Analysis, Failure Analysis, Formulation, and Product development

Transmit Technology Group, LLC is an independent lab – not affiliated with any other business.  We conduct studies and provide unbiased opinions and analyses with a focus on only our client’s best interest. Both large corporations and small companies use our professional services.

Small companies:

  • Practical solutions, prudent advice
  • Rapid turnaround at fixed prices
  • Problem-solving expertise

Large corporations

  • Augment internal research and development resources
  • Comparative testing and analysis
  • Area-specific Expertise and Innovative solutions
  • Non-standard test methods not available in a routine lab
  • Utilize our industry-wide network and contacts
  • Competitive monthly retainer fees
  • High ethical standards and adherence to NDA

Investigative analysis from Transmit Technology Group, LLC’s independent lab can help a company to resolve product failures, identify sources of contamination, or determine why a competitors’ product is performing better. These types of projects often require unique designs of experiments, method development, special sample handling, preparation, data gathering, and analysis.

All information is dealt with under confidentiality with or without a formal NDA.