About Us

Transmit Technology Group, LLC was founded in 1999 to assist small and medium-sized plastics industries, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors in their day-to-day problem solving and short–term product and process development needs.

Transmit Technology Group, LLC is an independent laboratory that provides a wide range of services: Plastic Testing, Polymer Analysis, Failure Analysis, Product development, Contract R & D, Technical Marketing, IP Development, and Consulting Services to domestic and international plastics companies.

With in-house R&D resources and affiliations, Transmit Technology Group, LLC is ideally suited to compliment customer’s in-house resources for short and long-term new product development projects and intellectual property development.

Clients come to Transmit Technology Group, LLC from a broad range of plastic industries (Fortune 500 to sole proprietors) and job functions, including process engineers, QA/QC professionals, CTOs, CEOs of start-up companies, individual inventors, production managers, corporate marketing managers, lawyers, and R&D specialists.

We value resourcefulness and timely innovation! We bring not only “quick-fix” to the problem at hand but also durable solutions and know-how based on experience, experimentation, and networking, resulting in significant cost-savings, product differentiation, and valuable intellectual property rights. We protect all R & D work by two-way non-disclosure agreements and duly assign all property rights to our clients.

The company was founded and managed by Dr. Amit Dharia. Dr. Dharia has been involved with the plastics industry for over 33 years, mainly in new product research & development. His hands-on experience, creativity, and insight into a wide range of plastics materials, structure-property relationships, conversion processes have been instrumental in producing cost-effective and proprietary solutions tailored to meet each client’s need.

Our Mission

To develop innovative and practical solutions based on prudent research on a timely basis in conformance with each client’s needs and capabilities at a price that reflects the value of solutions.

Why to retain Transmit Technology Group, LLC?
Designs of experiments, method development, special sample handling, preparation, data gathering, and analysis.
Due Diligence
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Reporting and Interpretations
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Our Customers
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