Thermoformability Analysis using Technoform

products-1_866Technoform is a novel patented testing device designed to determine thermoforming characteristics of Thermoplastics mono or multi layer sheets (<120 mil thick) and films under controlled test conditions. It allows to examine effects of pre-heat temperature (70 C to 350 C), plug speed (10 mm/sec or 250 mm/sec), plug material types, plug temperature and cooling time on the feasibility and quality of thermoforming using small size (6″x 6″) samples.  Quantitative test results allow optimization of process conditions, comparison of various materials, checking lot to lot variation, determination of heating rates, and sag while qualitative observations allow checking for defects in materials (material mixed-up, regrind levels, presence of moisture or volatile,  blooming of additives, loss of adhesion between layers, gels, shrinkage, webbing, sticking etc.).